PSK HTML/JT65-HF Controller

  This program is to exchange Pictures through PSK TX/RX.
If you have a internet connection, you can easy to have Picture QSO with this mode.
Almost Hams have internet connection to use eQSL and/or LoTW, so use HYBRID mode in this program,
you can enjoy exchanging Picture with many Hams even if you have not your own server.

 JT65-HF Image Controller
This is picture QSO program combined with JT65-HF or WSJT-X
for Windows 7 or Windows 8 not for XP.
The program language is Visual Studio 2012 and .Net Frame work 4.5.

Down load, Setup and Instruction

PSK Image Front
Down Load and Set Up
Ver 31B/Oct/2014

 JT65-HF Image Controller
  Version UP Now OK and Information
JT65-HF Image Controller for W7/8/10
JT65-HF Image Controller Finished to Version up for XP
PSK Image Front

EasyPal Post Processor
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