PSK HTML/JT65-HF Controller

@ This program is to exchange Pictures through PSK TX/RX.
If you have a internet connection, you can easy to have Picture QSO with this mode.
Almost Hams have internet connection to use eQSL and/or LoTW, so use HYBRID mode in this program,
you can enjoy exchanging Picture with many Hams even if you have not your own server.

PSK HTML Independent
1 This program has been shifted to
JT65-HF Controller + PSK Image Front.
Please down load below programs.

 JT65-HF Image Controller
This is picture QSO program combined with JT65-HF or WSJT-X
for Windows 7 or Windows 8 not for XP.
The program language is Visual Studio 2012 and .Net Frame work 4.5.
Also Program for XP is available.
The program language is Visual Studio 2005 and .Net Frame work 2.0
1 Down load and Setup
2 Receiving
3 Transmitting
My favorit frequency is mainly 18.102MHz and also 21.076MHz and 14.076MHz
Please call me with Picture Command.

First DX Station G0HDI who received my picture from Japan

PSK Image Front
1 Down Load and Set Up
Ver 31B/Oct/2014

  Version UP Now OK
JT65-HF Image Controller Ver 12B/Mar/2015 for W7/8
JT65-HF Image Controller Finished to Version up for XP
PSK Image Front Ver 26B/Aug/2014
JT65-HF HB9HQX Edition

S Meter (EasyPal Front)